Hospitality Uniforms for the Professionals

Our uniforms are created from premium material that is designed to look good and cope with the many challenges their owners may encounter. They are also available in a range of styles, colours and sizes to suit all parties. Whether you require waitress or bar uniforms or even a hotel uniform, Lindstrom has you covered.

We have listened to a string of leading names in the hospitality world during our creative process to ensure our bar uniforms are attractive, comfortable and practical. Designed with the end user in mind, our range of restaurant uniforms are ready for every occasion.

For the best selection of hotel uniforms, contact Lindstrom today.

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Linstrom has worked tirelessly with a variety of health professionals in order to create our CarePro workwear collection. The results have been remarkable, with doctors, dentists and medical staff benefitting from light and breathable medical uniforms that are as comfortable to wear as your everyday clothes.

With a range of surgical scrubs and work uniform tunics to choose from, our workwear service ensures you are smartly dressed for whatever challenges may come your way.

Why choose Lindstrom for your healthcare uniforms?

Our workwear service is suitable for companies of all sizes – big or small, we have a solution for you!

Our service includes everything you need for workwear management and it will save you time and money not having to worry about orders, storage and maintenance. Our workwear service for hotels and restaurants includes the clothing, weekly washing and maintenance, delivery, storage, locker service and eLindström online service.

You only pay for the service according to how many employees you need clothing for and how many sets of clothing they need, so it is the perfect way to improve your customer experience and keep your employees happy and in clean workwear, whether you have a company of 2 or 2000.

Switch to our flexible rental workwear service and let us worry about your workwear so that your staff can focus on taking care of your customers!

With our workwear service for hotels and restaurants, you can ensure that your employees always have enough clean and presentable workwear in use. Workwear will be delivered directly to each employee’s personal workwear locker or other predetermined place at the same time we pick up used workwear for laundry.

Our service is flexible to seasonal changes which are common in the HoReCa sector. We can store workwear for you during seasonal changes and react quickly to new workwear orders, so that your new employees get appropriate clothing for when they start.

Our eLindström online service helps you manage your workwear service effortlessly whenever and wherever. On e-Lindström you can make additional orders and service requests, follow your orders and inventories and see latest updates for your service 24/7. If you have several different locations, you can view all of them at one glance and read and export any reports related to your service.

Rental workwear service is a sustainable choice for your company. Compared to buying workwear yourself and washing them at home, our workwear service is a much more ecological choice. Test our sustainability calculator and see how much resources you could be saving right now with our service!

All of our workwear are carefully maintained to extend their life cycle and repaired according to your company standards to avoid textile waste. When our workwear are retired from their original purpose, we give them a new life as new products or dispose of them responsibly.